unusual musical instruments built with Max for Live

wav_Map Max for Live Device

A wave terrain synthesizer that generates complex waveforms using a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional surface, where pixel brightness represents elevation. An imaginary traveller follows a closed path across this surface, with the output waveform corresponding to the pixel brightness at each point along the path.

Or, since it converts image data into audio data and reads it back at audio rate, you could say that wav_Map essentially creates sound directly from images. You can even drag your own files in and make waveforms out of whatever pictures you want.

$0 minimum
P_4L II Max for Live Device

A synthesizer built around the iconic Plaits eurorack module by Mutable Instruments.

More than just a clone, it's an entire modular ecosystem with Plaits at the core, including everything you need to take full advantage of all the modulation posibilities it offers. Also, while in Poly or Unison modes, it can support independent oscillator settings for each voice, and 7 voices...

So really it's a lot like putting a modular synth with 7 Plaits oscillators into Ableton.

$0 minimum

An experimental sampler that plays back multiple copies of an audio file at the same time. It's a pretty simple idea, but it makes a very complicated sound.

Each copy plays back at a different speed / pitch, negative playback speeds result in that copy being played in reverse. The specifics of which copies are played at exactly what speeds are mostly handled by the Copy Machine.

$0 minimum
ringtone LFO Max for Live Device

The LFO from P_4L II as a standalone modulation device.

It's a lot like Ableton's built-in LFO, but with the waveforms are very different. So instead of choosing a shape like sine, triangle, or square, you get to morph smoothly between lots of interesting shapes.

There are 2 different modes. One makes waveforms with straight lines - squares and triangles and trapezoids, and one makes curvy waves - weird parabolic bells and shark fin shapes. Also, both LFO modes are available simultaneously, so you get 2 very different modulation sources that are always in sync with each other. Use either or both to modulate 8 Live parameters at once.

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Hocket II Max for Live Device

A MIDI device for flexible voice allocation in Ableton Live.

Hocket II takes the MIDI note messages on a track and splits them up into single-note events which are routed to up to eight other channels. Additional Hocket devices on those channels pick up the notes and play them. This allows for one piece of melodic content to be split up among multiple instruments, achieving a Hocketing effect.

$0 minimum

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